What the program includes:

  • LIFETIME access to the content library, including updates! (with paid in full membership)

  • PLUS a year of access to the private masterclass Facebook group including livestreams, deep dives on content and a community of other marketers and sellers ready to help you grow your business.

  • A custom step by step plan tailored to your situation!

  • One year of mentorship by master marketer Steven Black!

Masterclass Material (level 1):

Level one is all about setting up your brand for profitability, and an organized set of systems for growth from day 1!
  • Qualifying a niche, understanding how to find what the target audience REALLY values with "social listening" and how to setup ALL aspects of your brand to better convert prospects into customers based on this audience psychology.

  • How to plan, build, and deploy your marketing systems.

  • How to define what you need from a team, how to hire, and how to optimize your operations to employee strengths.

  • Cashflow management so you are taking home profits NOW and making your operation more efficient. Stop owning a job and own your business by going "profit first".

  • Conversion Rate Optimization - Funnels and Landing page mastery

  • How to use Social Contests and Quizzes to build a MONSTER Email list to profit from over and over again.

  • Print on Demand walkthrough guide (coming soon)

Masterclass Material (level 2):

Level 2 is all about understanding how to use content marketing to grow and monetize a captive audience!
  • Content Generation system and tools for making content that you can repeatedly use FOR YEARS to continually engage new audience members and drive more sales.

  • How to take 15 content ideas and turn it into over 3000 pieces of content for building an omni-present brand!

  • How to build a community of devoted followers and build authority in ANY niche.

  • Deep dive on Copywriting mastery!

  • Deep dive on email marketing including what flows you need for your store.

  • Deep dive on Pinterest marketing mastery and workflow.

  • Deep dive on Instagram marketing, building a following, using influencers, and how to properly run "content stacking' to get the most from your IG efforts.

Masterclass Material (level 3):

Level 3 is all about advertising! How to start, strategies for setup, and how to scale!
  • Facebook Ads Mastery

  • Google Search Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Youtube Ads Mastery (coming soon)

Masterclass Material level 4

Level 4 deals with Advanced topics like psychology, persuasion, deep data, store build-outs and case studies.
  • Psychology and Persuasion DEEP dive

  • Google Analytics Mastery

  • Google Tag Manager Mastery. Better data means more profitability

  • Google Data Studio Mastery - Building dashboards to see how it all works together

  • Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization - multi-variable testing

  • Shopify Store live build and case study